Company Overview

TeleBermuda International Limited (TBi) is a Bermuda-based “Class-A” carrier of competitive international long-distance voice, data, internet, and co-location hosting services. Since our launch in 1997, TBi has proudly provided diverse, affordable, high-quality telecommunication products and service to the Bermuda market.

In 2017, Bermudian companies the East End Group (EEG) and Celeritas Limited (Celeritas) partnered to acquire TBi. EEG is a diversified holding company with business interest spread among different lines of business, including IT solutions and public safety communication. Celeritas is a local telecommunication investment firm and a subsidiary of the Mayfair Group. This acquisition ensured that TBi continued to provide the highest level of service to their clients and while remaining a proud Bermudian owned and operated company.

The TBi Difference

TBi is the proud owner of Bluewave, Bermuda’s first wireless internet provider. Bluewave leverages the latest Wi-Fi technology to provide high-speed local and international internet. By harnessing cutting-edge technology, Bluewave delivers world-class internet service while providing value for Bermudian’s hard-earned dollar.

TBi’s high-tech, sub-sea network capacity enables us to provide high-quality voice, internet and managed IT services to Bermuda. The TBi network is configured as a bi-directional, instant-recovery ring – delivering TBi customers and carrier partners complete network redundancy between Bermuda and its international gateways. TBi’s SDH SONET-ring capacity connects Bermuda with international cable landing stations in Fortaleza, Brazil; Maiquetia, Venezuela; Boca Raton, Florida, and Tuckerton, New Jersey.

TBi’s telecommunication, network access and managed IT services are delivered, and maintained by its Technical Operations Centre, located in St David’s, Bermuda. This secure, state-of-the-art facility is home to our network transmission, voice, data, and co-location hosting services. Situated in a protected, climate-controlled environment with redundant power, the facility provides cutting-edge network management services. The CCTV monitored site is accessible 24 hours a day and is manned by a team of most highly qualified professionals.

Our Difference

TBi is committed to diversifying into Bermuda’s most trusted telecommunications company. To achieve this goal, we will continually pursue diverse fiber and wireless communications and data solutions that

are tailored to meet the needs of Bermuda’s residents and businesses. Our products and services will offer Bermudians the best possible communication service, quality, and value.

As a respected, innovative, and transparent organization, our company is committed to the principles of simple, honest communications; teamwork; innovative solutions; high standards; customer-centric service; trust and reliability and especially Bermudian pride. We want to be the best; the best employer, the best provider and represent the best about Bermuda.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is management’s obligation to make decisions that will contribute to the welfare and interests of our community, not just our company. 

As noted in our Vision & Mission Statements, we seek not only to generate a profit but to strengthen Bermuda and improve how Bermudian communicate. We consider our island home and her people, vital stakeholders. Just as we have a duty to our investors, our customers, and our employees, we feel an ethical obligated to promote and support Bermuda and our fellow Bermudians.


The Executive Team is comprised of experienced professionals with extensive leadership experience in advanced technology; IT service, management, finance, and sales. Key team members include:

  • Nick Faries, Chief Executive Officer
  • Brian Gonsalves, Chief Operating Officer
  • David St. Laurent, CPA, CMA, Assistant Vice President Finance
  • Chris McLeod, Vice President Technology
  • Richard Munday, Vice President Business Development
  • Alan Smith, Assistant Vice President Operations
  • Lee Greene, Vice President Sales

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