Frequently Asked Questions – Residential

Q.1 I am unable to make any Long Distance Calls?

A. There could be several factors that can prevent you from making a long distance. Prior to contact, please check the following:-

  • Are you unable to make any long distance call or is it to a specific long distance telephone number? If you cannot make any long distance calls, please contact your local service provider to ensure long distance access has been enabled.
  • Are you unable to dial a specific long distance telephone number? Please ensure the number you are dialing is correct. If the number is correct, you can contact TBi Customer Care for assistance.
  • Have you been notified by TBi that your account has been suspended for non-payment? If so, please contact TBi Customer Care for assistance.

Q.2 I am unable to make any long distance calls or receive any calls on my mobile whilst roaming out of Bermuda

A. Please contact your mobile service provider to ensure roaming capabilities have been enabled. If you can make long distance calls from Bermuda using TBi, then the long distance portion of your service is fine.

Q.3 How do I sign up for Online Account Management?

A. You may register by completing the form with the My Account Services portal. A valid e-mail address is required. If you assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Q.4 How Do I update my Credit / Debit Card information?

A. You may updated your Credit / Debit card information directly from your My Account Portal (My Account → Auto-Pay) or by simply completing our service revision form and sending the form to or fax to (441) 296 9010

Frequently Asked Questions – Business/Wholesale

Q.1 Where can I get more information on my TBiNET Broadband Internet Service?

A. The following support document (PDF Document attached) is our troubleshooting guide for our TBiNET Broadband Internet Service.

Q.2 How do I register to access TBi’s Support Portal?

A. Existing TBi customer can register by downloading and completing the registration form. TBi’s support portal will provide access to submit trouble tickets, view status and get updates on tickets and also correspond with TBi’s technical team.

Q.3 Can I report a technical fault via email or telephone?

A. Yes, you may report all technical faults with your TBi service 24/7, via email to or by contacting us at 278 2460.

Q.4 Who do I contact if I have questions about my account?

A. Please contact your TBi Account Manager for all general and billing inquiries. Alternatively queries can be sent to

Q.5 Does TBi have an escalation procedure?

A. Yes – please contact your TBi Account Manager and he will provide you with our escalation procedure.

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