MPLS in Todays Environment

Today, corporate networks are increasingly sophisticated and business needs are evolving with requirements to connect multiple locations, remote users and off-site data centers with a fully managed, reliable and cost-effective solution.

TBi is an end-to-end solutions provider, specializing in fully managed solutions that will converge your voice, video and data onto an IP based network access infrastructure.

TBi’s global MPLS is your solution


  • Access your global locations through TBi’s tier 1 MPLS partners
  • Simplify your global network management with a single solutions provider and reduce your network access cost
  • Bandwidth speeds range from 1 Mbps through to 100 Mbps and higher
  • 24/7 technical support


  • Security, reliability and greater manageability for any-to-any connectivity with TBi’s MPLS service
  • Service backed by highly trained technicians and Service Level Agreements / Standards
  • Manage your IT costs and Network access costs with bundled solutions from TBi for a fully managed service with single point support and billing.

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