If you are an international telecommunications carrier, Tbi offers several products to assist you in meeting your clients’ requirements for connectivity.

Corporate networks are increasingly sophisticated and business needs are evolving with requirements to connect multiple locations outside of Bermuda, remote users and off-site data centers with a fully managed, reliable, and cost-effective solution. 

TBi is an end-to-end solutions provider, specializing in fully managed solutions that will converge your voice, video, and data onto an IP based network access infrastructure. 

TBi’s global MPLS is your solution 


  • Access your global locations through TBi’s tier 1 MPLS partners  
  • Simplify your global network management with a single solutions provider and reduce your network access cost 
  • Bandwidth speeds range from 1 Mbps through to 100 Mbps and higher 
  • 24/7 technical support 


  • Security, reliability and greater manageability for any-to-any connectivity with TBi’s MPLS service 
  • Service backed by highly trained technicians and Service Level Agreements/standards 
  • Manage your IT costs and Network access costs with bundled solutions from TBi for a fully managed service with single point support and billing. 


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